Monday, December 03, 2007

The Cost Of Being A Mystic Warrior

While recently connecting with other mystics and searching for those who blaze the trail in pursuit of the mission, I had one of the most moving encounters of my life. I was visiting a communist county in Asia, and went to visit the local "government sponsored" faith community in a city of well over 1 million people. Now, this community is a bit different than most government sponsored "clubs," as true warriors have infiltrated the leadership, and they are using their governmental seal of approval to advance the cause. As we went to the building where this community met, we encountered a lady sitting outside the gate. She looked like most of the other local people, but as we passed, she whispered, "Shang di bao ni," or "Most High God bless you." Needless to say, it was a shock for me to be greeted like that by a local person. She approached us and began to talk to us. She offered to take us into the meeting place for the local faith community. Once inside, she served us cups of hot water (it was very cold outside where she'd been sitting) and she began to tell her story. My American hosts are very good at Chinese, but they had a hard time following her story. So, at first I thought she might be mentally unstable, or even demon possessed as she become seemingly more and more agitated. As she told her story, she began to weep. Being Maygoren (from America), I had no idea what was going on. I understood nothing of what she was saying. After she left, my hosts began talking about what was going on, and what the lady had shared. It seems that she is not mentally ill or demonic. She is grieving. As best they could tell, either her husband or her son had been a follower of Yeshua. At some point, the local government had come and taken her significant person away at gun point and she hadn't seen them since. Her agitation was a soul wrenching expression of her pain. We met her again on the steps of the building as we were leaving. She had a copy of The BOOK, both parts (which is hard to get in this country). With outstretched arms, she gave it to my friends. I'm still not exactly sure why. I read into it that she wanted them to be able to give it to someone else who needs Father's Story in their heart language; a tribute to the work of a loved one taken by the government.

I always seem to come home with more of a culture shock than I leave with. What would the Faith Community in the West look like with that kind of passion? I'm not saying that there aren't people here with that passion or that wouldn't make the same sacrifice. I do think they exist here and are almost as rare as this woman is to her country. And that's a shame since there are so many more of "us" here. This lady reminded me that there is a cost to save the world. There is a cost to serve our Master, and many pay that cost every day around our world. What does it cost me? I recently read that 480 Yeshua people are killed every day for their belief, and for sharing that belief with others. We may one day pay that price, too, but not today. Will you join this lady in sharing no matter what the cost? She has been a milestone for me on my journey. May our Father bless her and multiply people like her in that closed country. And I hope He reminds us everyday that we are not our own and that we have been bought for Him at a high price. We are for His service.