Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My 4-day "Retreat"

Thank you to so many of you who have been praying. Many of you may not know that I have been in the hospital since Saturday afternoon. Late Saturday night I underwent an emergency apendectomy (sp). It seems that my appendix had not ruptured yet, but had been seeping infected fluids into my abdominal cavity. So, now it is Tuesday morning and I am still at Covenant Lakeside (rm 516) awaiting word that all the infection from the seepage (gross word) has been killed. I have LOTS of staples in my stomach. It's kinda cool looking; like a zipper across my midsection. I have four holes from the laproscopic procedure. The down side is that, as many of you know, being off my feet since Saturday is driving me nuts! We were hoping I'd go home yesterday morning, and then hoping again this morning, but so far, no word. Thanks for praying for us. Caryn and the kids have been troopers. And many of you stepped up to help watch kids, visit, and make sure that the Bishop family was well loved/cared for. I appreciate that greatly. So, keep praying.


Johnny Leckie said...

Hey, Jason. Hope you're up and around quickly with a full recovery!

Praying for you!

3dfleming said...

How 'bout that!? You were having seepage issues and I didn't even know. Now that I know, you can rest assured that I'm praying for a partial recovery. Everyone else seems to be praying for a full recovery, but I think those staples need to create a permanent zipper effect on your belly. We'll see who God listens to!