Monday, October 22, 2007


We just got in from Ft. Worth, where Jeremiah took 2nd place in his bracket at the largest Tae Kwon Do tournament in North America. He had an absolutely phenominal time, and has worn his silver medal everywhere! I'll post pictures when I get them off of the camera.

On another note, you may remember my post some time back about making a Freebird's commercial. Here's an excerpt from their monthly newsletter that I just received:

"Award Winnings Ads 2nd Year in a Row It's all about you! - Nation's Restaurant News likes Freebirds Fanatics almost as much as we do. Last year they gave us an award for the Kate and Rita ad. We won again! This year the ad was about Jason, a long-time Freebirds fanatic and two of his buddies that camped out on the sidewalk in front of the Lubbock store the night before it opened in order to be that store's first customers. First of all, we may win awards because of our unconventional ad campaigns, but you are the reason for wins. It's your fanaticisms that are remarkable. We're simply the carriers of the message. So - our hats off to you, our loyal customers, for coming up with such antics that when copied and depicted in foil characters they become inspiring and award winning. You are all winners to us!"

RIGHT ON, Freebird's. Right on...

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