Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Changing Landscape

Loose teeth. Our home is filled with discussion about loose teeth. Both Jeremiah and Cayla have loose teeth, and teeth that are coming out. Jeremiah pulled one of his loose teeth yesterday. The "landscape" of their appearance is changing every day as they grow into adults. I remind them all the time that they are growing up too fast. But growth is inevitable. With every sun rise we are a day older. And for my kids that means a day closer to adulthood. What do we do with them? How do we invest in them? During a time of reflection last night I contemplated how little time we truly have with our children before they are out "on their own," so to speak. It's put me into an existential frame of mind, dwelling on how much time we really have at all, not just with our kids. Am I spending it on what's important? Will I leave a legacy? Will people be better because of my life? Has the kingdom grown thru my work? I think it is a healthy thing to ask these questions from time to time. Refocusing or "centering" is a vital part to maintaining a forward focus. I know it seems counter-intuitive to think that a great way to look forward is to look back. But, as George Santayana, a notable philosopher, once said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." And surely the nation of Israel is a testament to that truth. Let today be a day of reflection for you; a time of centering.

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