Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make it so.

This week has been HECTIC! I actually had to turn my phone off yesterday at 5 p.m. because I hadn't had a break from people in a while. SOOOO, if you called or texted me yesterday, sorry! Sometimes I just need a break. Ever feel that way? So today, after our LIFE Group (which met at 10 for our study on the early church), I am going to practice Sabbath. I heard one pastor call the day of rest "cocooning." It's not a day to cease from work, but rather a day to focus. By God's own example, He doesn't cease from work on the Sabbath day. If God quit working, we would cease to exist! The Sabbath is a day to make sure your heart beats with God's heart. Jesus reminded the Pharisees that the Sabbath was made for man, and not the other way around. God knows that we have a tendency to allow the things around us to choke out the things He is doing in us. Sabbath is a day of "weeding," so to speak. So, after I'm done with this update, I'm going to jump back into the Scriptures, share the day with my family, and get some much needed recliner time. How's it going for you? Do you have a refuel and recharge day? If you don't, you're headed down a rough road. I'll be praying for you today. I'm praying that you will find that time of Sabbath. "I'm too busy to..." is only a symptom that you are heading for failure. If you are too busy to refocus and recharge with Christ, then you are too busy. As Jean-Luc Picard says often to Ryker, "Make it so."

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Good job brother!