Friday, July 04, 2008

My Friend, Cecil

Cecil Sarratt left this world last night at 11:40. Well, he may have left much sooner, but his body stopped working last night. I imagine Cecil screeching into heaven on his Jake and Elwood Blue 1200CC Sportster.

Cecil was a real friend. He was one of the first members of The Heights Fellowship that I met. He and "Charlie-boy" helped me get my Honda out of the mud I'd gotten stuck in on Father's Day, 2004. Earlier this year, the battery had gone dead on Harley, and Cecil left work to help me push start the bike at the United parking lot. He thought it was funny that the battery was dead because I forgot to turn the bike completely off when I got there.

Cecil was a good man. He'd only been a follower of Jesus for a few years. Saved out of the rough life of a 1% biker (1% is the amount of bikers who are"outlaw" bikers like you see in the movies), Cecil loved Jesus. Every Sunday morning, I looked forward to standing outside talking with Cecil and "Charlie-boy" about our bikes, about life, and about Christ. Three weeks ago, Cecil and I took what would be the last ride we would take together in this world. He was the Road Captain that morning for our Nooma Riders ride. We ended up at Spanky's where we laughed and had a great time. Of course, Cecil was at the center of the conversation with a sense of humor that was on such a roll all we could do was sit and laugh.

Cecil, you will be missed. We'll take care of those you left behind, and I'm looking forward to riding with you again one day. Peace, My Brother.

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Kathy said...

sorry you lost a dear friend, Jason