Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Holiday Open House

Here's an update on the Holiday Open House:
Last night we hosted a neighborhood open house. Last week my son and I went door to door and invited folks from our neighborhood to come to a party at our place. Maybe its a lack of faith, or just pragmatic world view, but I expected no one would show up. And, as of 5:25 last night, Caryn and I had decided we had a lot of food to eat... That's when it happened. A rap at the door. It was Jerry, a neighbor from down the street. We greated him, and invited him in. As we got to know him, another knock at the door. It was Tory and Lee, a young couple with a new born daughter from the east end of the block. Next to arrive were Nathan and Elaine. Nathan is the worship leader for The Journey, and Elaine is a teacher. Then, Scott & Amanda and their three kiddos made it by. They are friends from The Heights. And last to arrive were the Jumpers. Ralph and Mary Lou. And we had a great time! It was well worth it. I know many of you were praying for us last night, and I want to thank you. Even though we handed out about 100 invites, I am still pleased with the turn out. Out of last night's festivities, every couple asked about The Journey, and plans are rolling for a late spring Block Party. It was a very pleasant evening getting to know our neighbors.


Billy V said...

You should be very pleased with the results. It looks like you are doing things the right way. Too often these days we are associating church growth with putting on a good show. We just need to be intentional (notice the buzz word) about developing relationships and inviting people into our community. It will be interesting to see how your two communities (Journey and Heights Community) coexist.

roy said...

that's great, Jason. The only mistake you made was not handing out tracks and inviting them to a bible study (just kidding). this is exactly what you need to be doing!

Johnny Leckie said...

For putting out 100 flyers, you actually had a phenomenal turnout. Glad to hear it went well!