Friday, January 27, 2006

Moved for the Unreached

I was sitting in my recliner Sunday, catching up on some reading while the kids napped. Caryn was doing The Journey’s Lady’s Bible Study. The house was quiet, as I had the sound turned down on the AFC championship game. Something really moving happened: Jeremiah came out with his stuffed dog, Scruffy. He looked forlorn. I asked him what was bothering him and he said he was too sad to talk about it yet. I assumed he’d had a bad dream. He crawled up into my lap, and began to weep. We sat in the recliner while he cried for about 20 minutes. As he calmed down, the weeping becoming gentle sobs, he looked up at me and said he wanted to be sure that when he dies that I would be in heaven with him. I was moved beyond words. He was really bothered that we may not spend eternity together, and it shook him. He and I talked about heaven, how one gets there, and how to be sure we'd be together. I also assured him that I would do my very best to protect him and make sure that we had more time here together, but that I didn't have complete control over that. He understood that God could choose to cut my time short, or even his. As we talked I realized he wasn't worried about dieing, it was about being separated. We talked a little more about my desire to protect him, and always take care of he and his sister, but he really wanted to be sure that Heaven was where I would be when he headed that way! In that conversation, God reminded me that I need to be shaken like that for the world around me! Through my little boy’s compassionate spirit, God spoke volumes to me about drive, desire, and passion for those who are separated from Christ. When is the last time I wept over someone’s separation from God? When is the last time you wept for someone’s depraved condition? See the world as it is, and allow the Spirit of God to move you to tears, to develop a sense of urgency, and move you to action.
Peace - Jase


G said...

Man, I really look forward to the day when not only will i have a child to teach, but also to learn from.

And what an awesome lesson to be reminded of.

Katrina said...

I love this. Katie has added a prayer for "everybody to go to heaven, and not hell" to her nightly devotions--and it gets me every time. We've talked a lot about it, and I'm just so thankful for this time when our kids are young and their hearts are open and believing. It reminds me to give them roots now, while I can.

Kristen said...

Jason Bishop!!! I have a story to tell you. I thought about calling you to tell you about it but I didn't, obivously b/c I'm posting about it.
I met a woman who is allergic to the cold air like I am!! She's super allergic though. She gets a fever if she gets too cold. She's on some experimental drug right now that isn't approved by the FDA yet. This allergy has a real name too but I can't remember what it is. I'm not the only weird allergy girl out there after all. I just knew deep down in my heart that I wasn't the only one.

Anonymous said...

Jason- You and Caryn have such a powerful and inspiring young man on your hands. I can't wait to see y'all in June! It's been so long.

Ms. Jenn