Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Underground, Part 2

We just finished a huge rally here in Lubbock with about 6,200 students and sponsors. During the Hot Hearts Conference, I spent some time with some old friends from iWitness ministries. They gave me a t-shirt that pointed me to a blog that has sparked the next step in The Underground. Here’s the excerpt from their web site:
What is the Haystack?
They huddled under a haystack. Ordinarily the five college students met under the protective branches of a large maple tree and under the cover of night to read the Word, confess their sins, sing a song of forgiveness and pray for revival on their campus. Even the minutes of their meetings were kept in secret. Tonight was different. The small, beleaguered company had been driven from their secret sanctuary by thunder that drowned out their prayers, lightning that crackled around them and rain that drenched them to the skin. An old barn with the comfort of a haystack became their refuge. There, with the storm symbolizing the hostility of their campus against them and their faith, they intuitively knew that their moment had come. Father would answer their prs. With the mysterious wind of his HS, he would bring convicting and cleansing power to Williams College, a school founded through spiritual revival but now a seedbed for sin and skepticism. A Great Awakening was on the way! The time was 1806, when our American ancestors struggled to establish the democracy that had been won in the War of Independence. The place was Williams College in Massachusetts, where Ch students had to meet in secret in order to avoid public ridicule. The people were a non-descript band of five students, who seemed to be too serious for their own good. As unlikely as the time, place and people may seem, one of the Great Awakenings in American history can be traced back to 1806 at Williams College when a thunderstorm drove five students to pr while huddled under a haystack. Excerpt from: The Coming Awakening, by David L. McKenna
So, maybe the next step is the prayer gathering that will occur in a barn here in Lubbock…

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nat said...


I am stoked to see the haystack love on your blog. Hey man!! There is a haystack gathering happeing with the iW Tech kids this Wednesday. You guys totally need to hook up....they could use your leadership.