Monday, August 13, 2007

The Muppet Show

Have you ever seen The Muppet Show? There are these two character that sit in the balcony. Thier names are Statler and Mr. Waldorf. Well, imagine those two guys standing around my table at the coffee shop every morning and you'll have a great picture of my mornings...
Today's topic: that the word "expression" has it's roots in the same germanic word as "esspresso," meaning "in a hurry." Never mind the fact that "expression" is spelled with an "x" and "espresso" is spelled with an "s." As I try to convince them that the word "esspresso" is not spelled "eXpresso," Mr. Waldorf gets aggitated and begins to get louder as he tries to convince me that they are still the same. Statler eventually walks off to do "useless things," as he puts it. If only Fozzie Bear would show up and do a comedy routine to make this more bearable.

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