Monday, September 29, 2008

My Potato

I don't know a lot about Spanish, so feel free to correct me if this is wrong, but a friend of mine was showing me this shirt that says, "Mi papa lo arregla  todo."  The shirt is supposed to translate to say, "My daddy can fix anything."  But, if I am right, without the accent over the last "a" in "papa" (like this mi papá ) it really says either, "My potato can fix anything" or "My Pope can fix anything."  Whichever the case, isn't it funny how different the message can be if even one little piece is missing?  It reminds me to communicate clearly and take nothing for granted!  The sub-text says "For nothing is impossible for God," as it quotes Luke 1:37.  How true it is!  If God has given you a potato that can fix anything it really is miraculous.

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Allister said...

Me gusta papas...con chile y cebolla.