Monday, February 02, 2009

Great Timing!

I love Google Maps and their "man on the street" photos of actual locations. If you look my address up, and do the street view, you can see my truck, my father-in-law's old truck, and our house still has 3 trees instead of 2 in the front. But this one is classic. Be sure to move up the street until you are right beside the empty field. Then look at the two guys in the field:



Penny Rodgers said...

That is too funny!

But when did you live in Pittsburg?

The Bishop said...

Hahaha. My address here in Lubbock is where you can see the trucks. 3011 68th. You should look up your address to see when your picture was taken. I've never lived in Pittsburg.

Penny Rodgers said...

Got it! I guess I read to fast!

I did look up our address and I want to know who drives around and takes all those photos! Ours is old, we still had the suburban parked in the driveway. We haven't had that car for about a year now.

cerealrat said...

Here's my favorite Google Street View mishap as of late:
Google Maps Car Hits a Deer, Records Entire Ordeal on Google Maps

Actually, it's kind of sad...