Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Blind Spots?

The Holy Week is upon us. I’ve been reading through John’s telling of Jesus’ life during this week. Usually, It’s John 13 that draws me in. But today, a passage in John 16 really caught my eye. It’s the interaction between Jesus and the Disciples in 16: 25-33. All of the events leading up to this moment, the miracles, the wisdom, the transformation of lives, and NOW they believe. I laughed out loud when I read Jesus’ words in v. 31, “You believe at last!” I imagine Him laughing as He says it! Like He’s saying, “FINALLY!” But what is it about this most recent discourse of Jesus that brings the Disciples to the place of finally believing? What exactly is it that turns the lights on for them? So I started really digging into this verse, and discovered that the Greek frames it as a question, “Do you now believe?” The Greek could actually go either way, but most see it as a question. I’m not sure why the NIV departs from the NASB at this point, but anyway…It seems that Jesus has shifted into “Yoda Mode,” and is asking them a question that will soon show them that they answered wrong, to some extent.

Although they do believe, and probably more so than before, Jesus begins to tell them that the events of the coming days will show them their lack of belief. Isn’t that how it seems to go for us? At the moment we think we have it all figured out, God awakens us to something that reminds us we don’t! Which brought me to a moment of reflection: What are the areas of my life that I think I have it all figured out? Where are the places that I neglect out of arrogance? And what will it take for God to turn my head enough to see something more clearly than before? Rather than assume that the Holy Week consists of this or that, seek out the Christ who was crucified and ask Him to enlighten you further into the sacrifice He made for you. Ask Him to do for you what He did for the Disciples by pointing out an area of your faith where you are going to falter. Just as the Disciples thought they had it figured out, Jesus say, “Oh yeah? Well, you’re all going to desert me in the coming days.” What are the areas in our lives we are in danger of deserting Jesus?

Pace Bene - Jason

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Scott's Bloggy Blog said...

Great blog!! I think the more I live the more I realize that I know less and less!! And even though it doesnt make much sense I think I feel more comfort in knowing less than when I thought I knew it all.