Thursday, May 28, 2009

When your student gets it...

I never get tired of seeing s student "get" what they've been learning. It's that "a ha" moment where they actually do what they've been taught. I am writing about this instance, though, because I have been teaching this for 3 years now, and not many have taken it and put it into practice. However, for one of my students it has happened.

A young lady that I really met about a year ago has had that moment. In her workplace, she felt led to be a praying/studying presence for the other employees. So she took the initiative (after some DIVINE prompting) and asked another lady if she would like to meet once a week over lunch and just read the Scriptures and pray together there in the office. It turns out that the lady she asked had had a dream the night before about this very thing. So, she said yes. A couple other ladies heard about what was going on, and asked if they could join. It has been a HUGE success! I'm measuring the success not by the numbers of people coming, but by WHAT has happened.

One thing the ladies do is they right on the office white board various prayer requests. Now, others in the office stop by through out the week and place their requests there, too.

At first, there was resistance from some people in the office, even animosity towards people wanting to have a spiritual event in the work place. Now, those people are connecting and being loved on and prayed for. They are even considering being a part of the group.

And, as I suspected would happen, one young lady even called the group her church home. That's tangible kingdom right there.

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