Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Family

Today I went through hours of old video footage. I watched the birth of our children, holidays, and some just plain non-sense. Jeremiah and Cayla watched with me. They were amazed at seeing themselves as babies. Jeremiah would just get to giggling as he watched "Baby Jeremiah." Cayla would just stare in disbelief. It was fun to look back. It set the mood for the day, too. Cayla was more lovey dovey than usual, and Jeremiah did stuff and would say, "I did that because I love you and want to be a good boy for you."
Having performed Marcus and Katlyn's wedding tonight, and having spent the day thinking on family, Family has been on my mind. It's not too long until our kids are grown and gone. I've been reminded today that our children grow up so quickly, and we have precious little time to invest in them. Make the most of the time you have. So many things that seem important can truly wait. Our kids, however, don't put growing up on hold. Make time with your kids a value that supercedes work, and even your own play time. They won't forget it. Posted by Picasa


Katrina said...

Amen! I am so thankful for my family! Both of them, actually--the earthly one and the eternal one!

Da Gal said...

beautiful posting - you seem to be a man full of gratitude and love. I feel blessed having found your site. Keep up the good and hard work.

Anonymous said...

You don't ever mention any other family, just immediate and Caryn's parents? Is there any? Are they excited about your newest ventures?

The Bishop said...

Oddly enough, I heard a comment this week during my family's Christmas gathering. My brother-in-law asked me where my compound is...Mom has seemed indifferent about my ventures. She's been concerned about money, etc. My side of the family doesn't understand a lot about the indside of ministry. With Caryn's parents, Jim has been a pastor, and Peggy has been on church staff at several places, too. So, he and I talk frequently. Any omission of my family in these posts has simply been because of distance and no common ground to dialogue out of. My sister, Joey, has recently gotten involved in "baptist" life, and we talked a bit about life and faith on Monday, though, so there's a spark out there. We'll see!