Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Learning To Ask

I've never been good at it. I feel funny doing it. Asking for things has never been comfortable for me. And now God has placed me in the position to have to ask, and not just ask of Him, but of others, as well. What a place for a man to be. Is that what makes it hard to ask? Is it a manly pride thing? I think that's part of it, and part of it is "independent Jason." The Journey has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last week. We are officially incorporated, have a bank account, have a logo in hand, and are getting our plan for the new year ready. All of these things depended upon God providing them through others in miraculous ways. From lawyers to accountants, graphic artists to denominational leaders, so many people have stepped up and done what God wanted to happen. And I have continually been blown away. It has brought to mind some very wise words, "You have not because you ask not..." Does that only mean asking of our Father, or asking of others? I'm finding out that it may be both. God comes through in all kinds of ways. As I sit here this evening, thinking about all that is going to be happening, and the wild ride that has just begun, I'm making a resolution: I will ask for help from those who can give it. There's a precedent that has been set: God is calling the shots, and using His people to accomplish His work. I just need to ask. Swallowing my pride (*gulp*), I'll ask. I would encourage you to begin asking God for the impossible. It's been His business for years!


Billy V said...

I have no problem asking my Father, but asking others, that shakes me up. I think it is a fear of rejection that keeps me from asking.

RAH said...

Hey Jason Bishop! Just wanted to say Hello.....have a LOT of reading to do to catch up with all that you have been up to it seems! Sounds like God is really doing some great things there with you though! Please tell Caryn I said hello!