Monday, March 20, 2006

The Greatest Sport On Earth!

Oh, how I love snowboarding! We just got back from Telluride, CO. It's the bomb-diggity, yo! I haven't seen the video stuff yet, but some of the pictures are great. One of the greatest things about this trip is that God is bringing to pass one of my dreams: a hobby to share with my son. This was Jeremiah's second year to ski. I can't describe the feeling of pride and joy that I felt as I watched my little boy come trekking over the hill from his Ski class. As he and I rode the bunny slope together, he passed me and giggled the whole way! After I caught him, we stopped, and I shared with him what a blessing he is, and how glad I am to have this common interest with him. Next year, my little girl will start skiing, and then the whole family will have this great sport in common. I am beginning to pray now that she will love it as much as I do, so that one day, we can all shred Telluride together!

This one is of most of the kids from my youth group.


Kyle said...

That is too cool dude, I could see how proud you were. I am glad you aren't corrupting him with the board!

K said...

jeramiah.... what a cutie! any of cayla and caryn? love, j and k

Lara said...

i don't think i'll ever get the chance to ski and if i did.. you can bet your bottom dollar i'd kill myself.


Ryan said...

I beg to differ,paintball is the greatest sport, but sking is a close second.