Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Question

I've had a couple of conversations lately about salvation, and Jesus as the only way. I have formulated my answer to this question, but I wanted to see what you think, so be sure to reply:

Can a person be saved if they follow Jesus and believe that Jesus is "a way" to heaven, but not the "only way?"


Billy V said...

I don't like it, but yeah, I believe you can be a universalist and a believer. I think it is a sign of immaturity and a lack of trust in both the Scriptures and in Christ, but I don't think it will keep you out.

K said...

maybe my thoughts on this subject don't really matter, but i think i have two opinions... for other people, and only one belief for me!

first, ofcourse, you can believe that 'Jesus is the only way', but then where would that leave all the bad stuff? i don't believe we keep those people in a box somewhere because we are embarrassed of them. i think that if you only believe Jesus is your 'ticket', then you better tread very softly, and pick your battles so that no one can ever question your motives.

on the other hand though, if you believe 'Jesus is not the only way', what exactly are the other choices that go along with Him? can it be simply that you believe in the air that you breathe? the grass under your feet? the rain on your tongue? which are all apart of Him. or is it possible that you believe in a little bit of everything, even the bad?

i believe i still look for the good, so i will go with Jesus everytime, but have i made bad choices, or trusted people that let me down? absolutely!

so i suppose i will go with, Jesus is THE way FOR ME, even if i make a mistake. God willing, He will forgive me, especially if i didn't do it on purpose!

does that make sense?