Monday, May 01, 2006

Yeah, Baby. Yeah!

Get out the brooms!

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Joey said...

I believe with all of my heart that since we are all children of God, we all have God within us somewhere. This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has or will tap into that, it merely means that there is that potential in all of us. It isnt our job to plant, water, and harvest. On that note, although you can't make someone come to church, you can plant the seed by being consistent in your own behavior, making sure you arent a Sunday Christian - we all know the type - they dress up and play nice on Sunday but when Friday rolls around they are out and about again - that is one of the biggest turn offs for non-believers and even for believers who do not attend church. That is not to say everyone must be perfect all of the time, everyone slips up and makes mistakes, but if you are making them daily in front of the very person you are trying to get into church, you may be doing more damage than good. I have been watching an absolutely awesome series with Kirk Cameron and Ray Love called Way of the Master - you can catch it on TV or go to their website - but what they focus on is teaching Christians how to witness and how to reach out to non-believers and backsliders. Its a great way to get some good ideas on how to approach, talk to, and even convert individuals without being offensive or judgmental They also teach you how to counter the tough questions that some will toss your way, like evolution and the Big Bang Theory, the age of the earth, dinosaurs, etc., etc., and they pull their answers straight from the Bible - they actually open their Bible up and read from it to prove their point or counter the incorrect conclusions of the person they are speaking with.
Anyway, just my opinion, but I do believe that God is in all of us, so there is hope and potential for everyone. And just because I am a Christian doesnt mean I automatically know how to reach out to others, just like most things in life - it takes time, practice and teaching.