Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Drive In Movie

Drive in theaters rock! I always seem to forget that when it comes movie time. Last night I took my family and our youth group to see "Cars" and "Nacho Libre" at our local drive in. The movies were good, but that's not what makes the drive in great. The drive in experience includes several elements that make it a great time:
1) A Community Enviroment - we all brought lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, and pulled our cars/trucks together to watch a movie as a group. We could talk, share food, and enjoy the experience together.
2) Cost effective - in many ways, the drive in provides current movies at prime times for low costs. My kids got in free, and Caryn and I were $5 each. The WHOLE family got into Cars for $10! The drive in also realizes that you can bring your own food, so they price their food and beverages to sell, not to bankrupt you. We ate a late dinner last night for $15. That included corn fritters, nachos, hamburger, corn dogs, and two "glow stick" bracelets for the kids. At the indoor theater, our tickets would have been $25 for our family, and an additional $20 for snacks. Add to that the fact that we could also bring a cooler full of stuff with us, and it's hands-down the most economic movie option for a family.
3) Memories - my kids will always remember sitting in the back of my truck as a family, sharing food and drinks, sharing laughs, and not having to be told to sit still, be quiet, calm down, or anything else you may have to say in an indoor theater. They will also remember sitting in mommy and daddy's laps and snuggling when it got cold (it got really cold last night). I still remember going to the theater with my family for the all-night Godzilla movie marathons. It was a magical time for me that I get to share with my kids. My 4 year old daughter just smiles when we talk about it, and says, "That was fun, daddy." My 6 year old son was amazed at how bright the projector was and how big the screen is.
We'll be going back soon, and I hope you will join us at the drive in. It's a great piece of American history and a good lesson in community.

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