Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Super Summer

One of the things about Student Ministry that always made the work more challenging is the fact that you have such a diverse group when it comes to interest in all things spiritual. I would spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to impact the student who really wants to dig into God's Word AND the student whose parents drug him/her to the church and the last thing they want is to listen to me...It could be frustrating at times.
But this week I am at a leadership training event for students who want to be better equipped to lead, Super Summer. I've been involved with Super Summer since 1989, and this will be my 23 session to serve in some capacity. It's my privelege to be Dean of the Orange School (students entering 10th Grade). We have 170 students and 30 adults in Orange School this year. My responsibility is to lead this group in teaching (with the help of my Asst. Dean - Michael Murrie and my Team Leader Coordinators - Goose Gast and Mark Tissue), worship (with the help of Jake Turner), and recreation (our 22 Team Leaders). I love it. Here's a couple pictures of the students arriving yesterday.

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Billy V said...

I had silver team (graduating seniors). Only 31 one week and 17 the next (I did two weeks).