Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Good To Be Home...

Some days I really miss the wear and tear of being full time on church staff. In many ways, you stay so busy that you really don't have time to think...and that can be good and bad. The converse is true, too. Sometimes all you can do is think, and that's good and bad. But there comes a time when thought must be put into practice, and that's the part that I've been missing lately. Yesterday, I sat with two other Pastors and discussed a different way to administer the Lord's Supper in our Sunday services. It was nice to talk about thoughts and motives. It was refreshing to talk meanings, mechanics, and practical execution. But, the greatest part is that we'll implement and do this Sunday! Yesterday's conversation was like coming home after a long absence. I've been gone from my last church for two months now, and what I shared in yesterday was a taste of the life I've lived for a long time! It was good. I am thankful to my friends who have allowed me to pursue my passion for ministry with them in their contexts. To the men and women who have given me an outlet to put all my "of late" thinking into practice, Thank You! May we always be people who think and do what is pleasing to God.

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