Friday, June 03, 2005

The Psalms

The Psalms are the greatest! I am always amazed at David's simple yet honest and deep approach to God and His love. Kingdom life should be like that: simple yet deep, honest and transparent, love-filled living! David's view of God shows such intimacy and faith. His relationship with God reminds me of my own son. He takes God at His word. He looks to God for provision and protection. He shares his fears and joys with his Heavenly Father. If you're feeling down, or need a little boost, check out the Psalms. They're just what THE DOCTOR ordered! I like what a fellow pilgrim wrote about the Psalms: "...Psalm 85. I think that it might be describing what Jesus was centred on - the Kingdom, God's life-bringing presence breaking in and breaking out all around us... steadfast love and faithfulness will meet / righteousness and peace will kiss each other / faithfulness will spring up from the ground /and righteousness will look down from the sky..." God is so good. Check Him out!

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