Monday, June 06, 2005

What a Weekend!

I went to Calvary Baptist Church to preach yesterday. It was a good day. A bit of a throw-back to the old days of ministry, but very good. I had the opportunity to share with them about the Great Commission, and a new strategy for church structure. I hope that it was well received. We made some new friends who took great care of us.
Yesterday's outing got me thinking about church life. I wonder how many churches that are struggling to make it will die because of "sacred cows?" How many local congregations will not make the changes necessary to adapt to the culture? How many will simply dwindle away because of their own personal preferences? The congregation I shared with yesterday was very open to the new model of ministry that I shared, and seemed open to making personal sacrifices to accomplish the great commission. We really focused on relationships, and the necessity to structure the body for facilitating relationships. The important question that needs to asked is, "What change does Christ want me to make to advance His kingdom?" For many, our local congregation has become about the traditions of generations past, and not about facilitating the advance of the Kingdom. When posed with this question, most congregations will flex a little, but will not change. Instead they cling to outdated modes of ministry all the way to the grave. And, at the same time, leave a generation searching for truth all the way to their grave. My prayer for myself and others is that we would always sincerely seek to know what Christ is leading us to do next without thought of ourselves.

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