Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today's Wake Up Call

This morning, before the crack of dawn, both of my children came and climbed into bed with me. As I attempted to drift back to sleep, my cell phone rang, and it was Max. He has been in New York on mission with some kids from Bacon and from Artesia. He called me to let me know that they were on the early show! And, sure enough, I was able to catch them on TV and managed to get the event recorded. It was a great reminder this morning to pray for them as they work with immigrants in New York's Time Square area.
I usually assume when my phone rings that early that it is an emergency, but this morning's call was a blessing. To see the faces of the students that I love so dearly on a trip that I had been working on for almost 18 months was a great blessing! James, Reagan, and Max have taken our students to a culture that is in desperate need of the presence of Christ.
To you guys in New York: Thanks for the call, and the sign! I wish I was there with you. This has been a hard week knowing you are there and I am here. Do good and make my proud! More than that, advance the kingdom and bring Christ's presence to the immigrant culture. You're in my prayers! All my love.

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