Friday, July 01, 2005

Barnabas and People Of Peace

This morning, T-Pops (Caryn's Dad) and I are on our way to the Rawls Course to play a quick round of golf. We've been delayed a bit since a band of thunder storms is moving through, but we'll get there.
Another early day for me. The last three days God has been keeping me up late, waking me up often, and getting me up early. He keeps bringing me back to two passages: Luke 10 and John 10. In Luke 10, Jesus lays out a church planting strategy. He sends out the 72 in pairs. He tells them to travel to people's homes, and find a person of peace. If they can't find a person of peace, move on to the next house. God keeps me meditating on this passage. I've been chewing on who Caryn and I are to partner with; someone like Barnabas was to Paul. That's where we are. After that, we will be engaging a specific "home" or place where people congregate to find a "person of peace." It's pretty simple, but in 17 years of ministry, I've never really thought of this passage in this way! Join us in praying for our Barnabas, and for us to find our people of peace.
The other passage, John 10, talks about Jesus' people knowing His voice and following His lead as our Shepherd. As we seek to do what God is asking us to do, I'm getting lots of input from lots of places. I'm praying hard to be able to discern God's voice among all the "clutter." For me, it's not so much hearing God's voice, but being sure that it is His voice. Or, having confidence that I'm hearing correctly. Pray that we will correctly hear and understand God's voice!
Long and short: we're seeking God's direction for the immediate future, and have a sense of what He is telling us. Now, we're just watching to see if we're hearing correctly. We're watching for our Barnabas and our people of peace.
I also wanted to give a special thanks to a new friend, Ben Burton, who communicates about the Christ through art, and has given me permission to use some of his stuff for my ministry. Check out his web site at

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