Sunday, July 03, 2005


I was reading the blog spot that our Germany team is keeping this summer, and was reminded of the simplicity and necessity of prayer. Last summer, while in Germany, Jeff taught on the need to do a thorough praying for ministry opportunities. He likened the ministry of prayer to plowing, or preparing the soil for planting. Most farmers don't plow just once. They plow until the soil is prepared. Reading the teams blogs reminded me that I need to be doing more plowing! God is already doing so much for me. Even today I had the opportunity to share at a church on the East Side. I shared about the cost of freedom. Jesus bought our freedom with His blood. But, not so that we could pursue life, liberty, and happiness. But rather, that we could pursue submission, obedience, and a life of servitude. That kind of life flies in the face of the democratic ideal that seems to flood our churches. Christ brought me freedom so that I could willingly submit to Christ and be more of a plower! Plowing is paramount to any ministry that we could hope to accomplish. I need that daily reminder to be a plower! Thanks, Germany team, for reminding me!

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