Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Out for a couple weeks...

Hey, gang! Sorry I haven't been blogging, but I'm at Super Summer this week. The next week and a half will be crazy. I will get home Friday of this week, prepare to preach at Bellaire Baptist Church on Sunday, drive to Alto Frio late Sunday night and preach at Master's Camp all week. When I finish there, I will be heading back to Lubbock to preach at a church whose name escapes me at this point. So, it's gonna be a crazy 10 days. Be in prayer for me as these are more than just opportunities to preach. They are discovery opportunities. Pray for my safety with all the travel, but please pray more for the presence of the Spirit. I cherish your prayers.

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amy said...

hey jason! well good luck with this upcoming week, that is really busy. i just wanted to say that i really miss u at bacon heights. and that i am praying for you and what will happen to your family, where God where lead yall. keep me posted on my xanga page... i just created this so i could comment you. well i guess that i will talk to ya later. you can call me if ya want.... cell-241-5879
<3 ya