Saturday, July 23, 2005

Finally Home

Well, today is my first day home, and I have gloriously spent it doing nothing at all. Well, nothing except wrestling with kids, snoozing, catching up with my wife, and reading. It all kicks back in tomorrow. We have worship in the morning, and after that I'll be helping feed one of the World Changer groups that's here. At 3:00 I will be tag-team teaching the 101 class at our church. I'll skip out of there early to go prepare for my kids from camp to come to town and lead worship at a church here at 6:30. But today has been a glorious Sabbath. God and I have found time to chat throughout the day. I am getting closer to having a grasp on what I'm to be doing in ministry. I've really enjoyed traveling and speaking this summer. I've met many gracious people. I know I'd like to continue to do that as a side-line. Master's Camp was good. But, I think what made it good was hanging with old friends like Barry, Pat, and the 5 Stone Canvas guys; and making new friends like Harrell. It's always good to indulge with like-minded people.
I have also spent the day catching up on some of the discussion boards that I am a member of. Some of them that I just read, and some I've joined just to be a voice of cognitive dissonance! Those of you who know me know that I always have someone I'm driving crazy with questions that don't have clear answers! Maybe having an outlet like that on the net will keep me from driving you crazy. Probably not.
Starting Monday, I'm going to be putting the old "nose to the grindstone" to get things ready for this Fall. I've got some great ideas that have come out of the last few weeks. Now, it's time to see what God has opened up, and what paths are ready to be walked. Be praying for me in the next few weeks as we seek to find our long-term ministry. We are praying that God will leave us here in Lubbock for whatever He has next for us. We would love for you to pray to that end with us.
Let's see, while you are here, I'd like to ask for you to pray for a few more things:
1. Pray for us to know what God wants us doing.
2. Pray for the Super Summer Global group. There are 117 of them in Cologne, Germany.
3. Pray for the World Changers group that is here in Lubbock this week.
Thanks for reading, and keeping up with the ongoing saga of one out-of-work shepherd! Feel free to comment so I know who's praying!


whome said...

Thanks for the update and insights. Praying for you.

amy said...

well today we have our class socials and stuff like that... it is also my 3 year anniversry for having my braces off... :-)the world changers stoped by in church this morning and were in our class. right now paul filman is teaching us... did u hear that max got a different job at Oakwood? and reagan miller is going some where else too. this dude named adam came and joined and then he and some other clooege people repainted the universry room... it looks really nice... we are also changing i think the downstairs for a childrens area but im not really for sure. i will keep you in my prayers.. i will talk to ya l8er then...

amy said...

i just now got what you neant when you said what would be soo kool... well me and alisha both got some gouchos and we wore them. we look awsome....:-D any ways i guess just keep me updated when something happens and ill keep yall in my prayers...
<33 ya tons

Krystn, the Dreamermoonchild said...

I am praying for you.