Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just an update

I'm in Artesia, NM, doing the music for a revival at FBC. My good friend, James Rodgers, is the Student Pastor here. He has taken great care of us. FBC has been very gracious to us, and very complementary. They are a great bunch of folks. "Us" is myself and Lance Shumake, the president of iWitness ministries. We're having a great time. I've gained about 6 pounds since we got here Saturday night!
The whole time we've been here, we have had some "alien" encounters that have us talking abduction! Lance watched a National Geographic special on abductions right before we headed this way. He also has his "Worst Case Scenario" traveler's guide with him, and it has a section on alien abduction. Then, when we got here, one of Lance's e-mail cartoons was about alien abduction, and the movie "Contact" was on. It's been uncanny. Today, "MIB" was on...more alien stuff. And, the greatest indicator of our imminent abduction is that I am a UFOlogist. Did you know that? Lance did a google search looking for my blog spot. He entered my name, and it came back that I am a UFOlogist who has done some extensive research on secret government bases in New Mexico. Google me and see for yourself! So, tomorrow we are off to the Alien Museum in Roswell. Our hope is to learn enough to avoid the inevitable abduction that seems to be looming in Lance's future. But, just in case we don't get home....(hahaha)
On The Journey Ministries (OTJ) is nearly a reality. I got the paper work today from the firm doing all the leg work, and it's just a matter of filling it out when I get home and mailing it off. After that, I'll have an offical 501c3 corperation to use as a platform for raising money as I travel. We're hoping that it will be a way that many people choose to help us get the Gospel message out. If you'd like a brochure about OTJ Ministries, shoot me an e-mail. I'll get you the stuff in the mail. I also have what should be the final draft of the proposal for The Journey Church. It's starting to come together. As soon as we can find a sponsor church, we'll be able to get things rolling. Please pray that God will bring us to the right sponsor church. There is a church I've been dialoguing with, but can't seem to get to the next step with. Maybe it is God holding that back. Maybe not. I'm praying for wisdom in this.
I really miss my family. When I was younger and unmarried, I loved to travel and just be out doing life on the road. Now, with Caryn and the kids, I miss home every time I head out. I'm excited about what God is doing here (although I'm not sure what it is), but I really will be glad to be home. You know how it is. Once I get home, I've got some great stuff to post here. I just need to get to work on the power point and song list for tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Peace.

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