Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Saw You At The Pole

I've had an interesting 36 hours... It all started yesterday morning with a sinus headache. Caryn suggested that I take a sudafed. Sounds simple, right? And it would have been if "we" (meaning "she") kept our medicine in its original boxes. But the sudafed was not in its box, and was not labeled. And I have learned (by experience now) that I should only take one and not two. So, off I went to my Hot Hearts meeting higher than a kite! I remember little of the meeting. Our committee chairman said that my table dance was entertaining. It only got worse from there. So I went straight home to bed. The rest of the evening is a blur. My fever spiked last night at 104. It was a night of sweats, chills, and hallucinations. It turns out I have what my doctor calls a Fall Flu and a severly infected throat. It wasn't the sudafed that kept me from riding my motorcycle home. It was my 103 degree fever. This morining, the doctor gave me a "miracle shot." He said it was B12 and cortizone. Well, it is working. Now, normally, all of this would be no big deal. The big dilema was that I was speaking at a Saw You At The Pole Rally in Anton tonight. And I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to get there, let alone be able to speak coherently or be of any good at all. I slept and sweat all day, got up at 5:15 this evening, took a shower, and off I went. And the Lord worked a miracle. Not only did He get me through the evening, but He made me well for a few hours, and worked in the lives of several students. There were about 100 students in attendance. When I gave the altar call, about 30 students came forward, and at least 7 of them received Christ! God surely did His thing tonight. It's just another way that He reminded me that He really doesn't need me. Just be faithful and trust Him. He will do what He wants, and I get the blessing of being along to enjoy in it. He's a great God.
Well, I'm off to bed. The doctor also gave me a muscle relaxer to help me overcome my throat pain and back pain. It's kicking in about now...

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