Thursday, September 15, 2005

Risky Business

Before I get rolling, I want to direct you to another blog site for a 15 year old boy who is fighting for his life. His name is BJ, and he contracted a disease while on mission in Peru. You can read about his story, and get the latest updates at .
On to the task at hand, Risky Business. I've been reading of late about some of the things that believers in other countries face day in and day out as part of their life and faith. I am amazed at the risks people take for the Gospel. Not amazed in a bad way, but encouraged, really. Encouraged and somewhat shamed. What do I face every day as part of my life and faith? Now, most of you know that we are out on our own making a go of it, trusting God to provide what we need to live, but that pales in comparison to knowing your life may be demanded of you because of your faith and the cause of Christ. My good friend, Lance, shared a lot about that very thing at the revival we just did together. What do I risk? What am I afraid of? I need to be "riskier." I must train myself to have a broader view of life and God's place in it if I am to start looking beyond risk to God's fame and glory.
Tomorrow, I am going to "survey" some of the local coffee shops as part of a tour of prayer. I am hoping to discover the location God wants me to start finding people of peace. I'm going to hit a couple of my usual spots, and then branch out a little. I've decided to visit the new Coffee Haus at 82nd and Frankford. Then, I'm going to visit the Coffee Cup. I know the owner there. He's a believer, and would probably be open to helping with some sort of ministry. My dilema is that most of the coffee houses here in Lubbock are owned by Christians! Coffee Haus, J & B, Daybreak, Sugar Brown's, and the Coffee Cup are all owned by believers. This would seem great, except that I am trying to break into some non-christian circles. So, I'll just see how it goes. Pray with me that God will show me the place to land. Each of these places is frequented by non-believers, so I just need to be sensitive to God's leadership! I know that Aroma's is a little rougher at night, and is the teenage hot spot (being next to Hastings). But, I'm not much of an attraction for teenagers. I'll just explore! It'll be a grand adventure as I plow through these places. Person of Peace, here I come!
Now, you get out there, risk something, and find your person of peace. Peace.


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