Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Boot Camp, First 24 hours

The Boot Camp started at 1:00 PST yesterday. We're taking a 15 minute break before jumping into teaching session #6. Caryn and I have had a great time. Sometimes you come to a conference like this, and it's a bunch of guys selling you on their methods, their products, and very little learning happens. This has not been one of those events. So far, we've not talked methods at all. We've had some of the most successful church planters in our generation come and share the theology that drives them to do what they do in their culture, leaving me plenty of room for reflection on how that theology would look in my context. It's been great. Mars Hill has been a very gracious host-church for this event. Their staff very friendly and service-oriented. I've already gotten a bunch of useful info, to the point that my head may explode trying to process it all. But more than the info, God has continued to shape my heart for reaching Lubbock with His presence. There really hasn't been anything new to me here, but you can't go wrong getting back into the Word and having God reaffirm and shape what He has already started.
Well, break is over. Stay tuned, more to come.

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graceshaker said...

ive been spending time checking out the a29 site and getting familiar with them whenever you get back i would like to find a time when we could maybe hook up by phone and talk about you experience and what led you to a29 and all that.

met with bgct and dba wednesday of this week. such a huge waste of time...