Monday, February 27, 2006

Mind The Gap

Sorry for the gap since my last post. I just got home from Houston, and a Disciple Now with one of my former students, Trey Fleming. He was one of my kids in Smithville, TX. It’s been great to watch him grow into a godly world changer!

Our faith community made me proud Thursday night. For those of you who have served a faith community in a full time vocational position, you’ll relate when I say it’s tough to leave town. It’s tough for two reasons:
1) It’s always hard to be away from home when exciting things are going on. In my ministry, I’ve traveled a lot, and always look forward to being home.
2) You never know what will go wrong while you’re gone. Over the course of 17 years of vocational ministry, I can tell you that things always seem to wait until you are gone to explode. It has always been that way, and I’ve somewhat assumed they always will be.

So, trepadation always sets in when I am leaving town for anthing more than an over night trip. And last weekend was no exception. I left Thursday morning for Houston, and our faith community, The Journey, was going to do our community worship experience outside the walls of our gathering place. Nathan mentions it in his latest blog. Great things are happening here, and nothing went wrong while I was gone. It’s like a Festivus miracle! The Journey has been a blessing to me and my family, and continues to be a great community of friends chasing after God. Thanks, gang, for your faithfulness!

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Who did you use to create your websites? It a company or on your own? This is K. Shotwell. Our church is working on creating one and there are so many choices. Can you help a sister out? or
thanks man.