Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Bueno Day

Well, as I write this, it’s Tuesday morning about 8 a.m. It’s been an exciting night. See, there is a new Taco Bueno opening in Lubbock tomorrow, and the first 10 customers get $500.00 of Bueno bucks. I know! That’s a lot of Bueno. Anyway, Marcus called me Sunday as I was returning from Artesia and asked me if I had plans for Tuesday. Of course, being unemployed, I had no plans so he clued me into the Bueno deal and I said I would be there. Well, yesterday (Monday) we noticed a lawn chair by the door, and thought the line was already starting. So, rather than being a day late and $500.00 short, I headed for Bueno. Turns out, the chair was just holding something, and was gone when I got there. Well, I thought it’d be alright to go ahead and start the line. I arrived at Noon on Monday, and pitched my tent. I endured the hottest part of Monday with only a slight sun burn to show for it. At around 4:00 p.m., my friend, Jeff, showed up with our guitars. We sat around and played for a couple of hours. Marcus arrived next. The upside about getting here Monday was they were training the drive thru crew, and we got tons of Bueno for dinner. The regional manager, Roger, asked us if we would like to plug in our electrical gear for the night. Heck yes! I plugged in the 21” TV, Marcus’ X-box, our laptops, and cell phones. It’s all set up in the back of my truck, like a high-tech mobile office. Of course, we had people drive by and scream obscenities at us most of the night. They yelled things about how stupid we are, or how crazy we are. Every now and then one would venture into the parking lot and ask us what we are doing. Their expressions were priceless. But our greatest guest of the night is the famous Nick Watts! Yes, Nick who also camped with us at Krispy Kream’s grand opening came by to lift our spirits! I need to also give a special shout out to Katlyn for the picnic basket of goodies she brought us last night.
Shortly after Marcus arrived, a man who works at Texas Frame & Body showed up, and asked if he was in time for the Bueno bucks. He joined our merry group at 7ish on Monday. Futrell showed up next, around 8:30. We played Frisbee, X-box, and other sundry silly stuff. We watched “Big Fish.” It was a touching movie. The coolest thing, though, has been meeting the staff. At some point in my nearly 24 hours here, each employee has come out and asked us what we are doing and how it’s going. Some of the management I’ve met by name. We’re building relationships. Is it worth $500.00 of Bueno bucks? I think so, but some would say not. Is it worth building name and face recognition with people who need to know our Savior? Definitely! One of those people is the General Contractor who built the building. He was here until 1:30 last night. I got to visit with him about his life, what he does, where he lives, etc. He lives in Abilene, but is here doing 3 jobs. He’s been married 27 years, and has a house in Florida as well. He’s currently bidding the new Bueno that is going in on the other side of town. I think he would say that we are newly acquainted friends. I’ve recently realized that I need to go to greater lengths and make greater sacrifices so that others can experience Christ. And this has been one of those moments. And besides, free Bueno for our meals, $500 of Bueno bucks, and my family getting to come hang out at our base camp in the parking lot are all fringe benefits. I think sacrifice can be fun, if we see it as such!


G said...

now that is what I'm talking about.


And now that I have finally figured out how to post replies, I can finally join in the merriment.

Also Awesome.

Kimberly Bishop said...

Oh My Goodness! Jason, I have been reading through all of your website, a little disappointed that we didn't know about it sooner... but no big deal!

I am still not finished, but it is all definitely interesting. A good read!

The 'Bueno' thing is hysterical! though! I laughed through the whole blog!

Gotta go, have more reading to do!

Alway's, K