Friday, August 26, 2005

My New Ministry

The Journey met for the second time tonight. We're having a great time in Christ. We talked about covenants, and what we can expect out of people who join us on the Journey. We even had one new face tonight. I'm really excited because that new face invited us to cook out at his apartment next week! We're going to have a swim party and cook out where he lives, and get to meet his friends. This is a step towards discovering our People of Peace. Be praying that there will be lives who are open to building a relationship with us next week!
As some of you know, I spent a good deal of time on the road this summer speaking. As I have prayed about doing that on a regular basis, seeking God's will for me in this, I have received several invitations for speaking engagements. Some are local, some are not. In the coming weeks, I will be speaking at a local church for their 3 morning services, then doing a DNow for a church here in town. From the DNow, I will go to New Mexico where I'm leading the music part of a church's "revival" services. A week after that, I am speaking at a retreat out at PBA for some local churches that are doing their fall retreat together. Then, in November, I'm doing another DNow in New Mexico. And, I've already gotten two dates for next summer! I think God is answering my prayer and giving me direction for the future. I started the process of incorperating and getting my 501c3 tonight. Be praying that it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. I want to say thanks to my friend, Pat Camarrata, who gave me some great direction on getting this proces going. Also, be praying that I will fill more dates as God opens doors for me to travel and share! I will probably use the same 501c3 for my consulting ministry, too. That should be a promising endeavour. I'm excited about that ministry.
I'm launching a learning community next month for guys and gals that are on the journey of discovering ministry techniques and models for ministry in our ever changing culture. I've already had three guys tell me they are in, and am expecting more. One thing to pray for in this area is that I am praying about extending a learning community to Plainview for the students at Wayland who are interested in this sort of ministry. Pray that God makes this clear and possible! So, lots going on!
In the midst of all this, the Little Man started school, and my princess started MDO and Tumblebugs (Her gymnastics class). She's really growing up fast, too. She tries to reason with me about things, and can make a pretty good case for her perspecive at times. She looks like her mama, but argues like her daddy! They sat in our worship gathering tonight, and did well during the singing part. I figured they wouldn't be interested in the discussion on covenants, so they went and played in their rooms. Tomorrow morning (or I guess later this morning) I'm going to take them to breakfast before I take Jeremiah to school. Cayla has been asking me for another date. She and I sneak off sometimes to a local tea room, and talk while she drinks hot chocolate. I think we'll end up there tomorrow while Caryn is at PT.
Anyway, that's a snapshot of what's going on around here. Drop us a line and let us know how you are doing.

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