Sunday, August 14, 2005

Just do it!

I remember Nike's famous campaign, "Just Do It!" Sometimes I feel that I am impulsive, and have thought about how impulsive our society has been. As I've matured (yes, I have matured! Just imagine what I was like 10 years ago! And, for those of you who knew me then, you understand.), I've tried to temper my impulsiveness for a more refined and contemplative approach to life. But sometimes you do just have to get after it, and see what happens. Isn't that just the way life is? About the time you develop a much desired trait, it becomes a hinderance to something important? I wonder if fear mixed with a desire to be "tempered" has kept me from significant things the last few months...
So, today marks a resurgence of a Nike-ish life creed! Less temper and more "Why not?" There must be a balance between making wise choices and seizing the moment. Maybe that's exactly what Jesus is talking about when He says to make the most of every opportunity. We must be in touch with the leading of His Spirit so that we can know how to respond to each moment of life. That's my goal and prayer.
Father, help me to know when to leap and when to wait. Help me to sense the leading of Your Spirit to make the best of every moment and every breath. May life be for me a constant connection with You that brings carpe diem into balance with Cogita ante salis.

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