Friday, August 05, 2005

The Frustration Of new Ministry

I love Daybreak! As Nathan and I sat there yesterday, I realized there was a diverse group of people there. And at one point, the place was 2/3 full, and we were the youngest people in there! It just reinforced my thinking that post-modernity is not a generational thing, but a cultural thing. It's not about age, it's about living. Anyone living in USAmerica is living in a post-modern culture, and is influenced by that culture.
As we sat and talked, I was overwhelmed with a question that Nate posed (he usually has those hard questions to ask). As we were talking about the new paradigm of ministry that we face, and small group ministry, He asked "How do we do this kind of ministry?" That's when it hit me: we're facing the same dilema that our students in the past have faced when I have stood before them and challenged them to do the work of ministry. They come away with a deeper appreciation for ministry, but no idea how to do that ministry. Here are two pastors sitting in a coffee sho talking ministry concepts and simple relationship building and neither one of us can come up with an image of what that ministry would look like! That's where the wheels began to turn for me. How do we build small groups from people in our traffic patterns? Most of the people we train never take the time to think it deeper. They do what I wanted to do yesterday: Say "I don't know!" and walk away. But, something in me won't let me walk away. The answer is there, on the edges of my mind. I'm going to have to struggle through it. I think my problem stems from too much life in the bubble! Now, the mininstry God is leading me to requires relationship building with people in a different sphere of life, and I'm trapped on the inside looking out. i realize that it will take time. But more than that, it will take effort. And I think that's where most people stop short. The percieved benefits are not worth the effort. But, if God is going to use me to reach an unreached people group, I must never hold back! So, from here we move forward. Trial and error, baby! Trial and error. I have no idea what it's going to look like, probably chaotic and disjointed, but what revolution hasn't been?

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