Friday, October 14, 2005

A Classic Revisited

Tonight marks my little boy's coming of age, so to speak. We just curled up in the living room and popped in a DVD classic, "Star Wars IV: A New Hope." And he is mesmerized! At the beginning of the movie where the Storm Troopers blast their way on board Princes Leia's ship, and Darth Vader walks through the smoke-filled door, Jeremiah looked up with wide-eyes and a sense of awe and said, "Woe, it's Darth Vader..." I was about Jeremiah's age when this movie made it's silver screen debut. So, here we sit, eating pop-corn and sharing a common experience, he for the first time, and me again through him. There's nothing quite like watching something of this magnitude through the eyes of a child. I don't have any idea how many times I've seen this movie. For my son, though, it's all brand new. Hahaha! Jeremiah just said, "That gold robot has issues with R2-D2." And that's what's great about what we're sharing. I'll get to see something I've seen hundreds of times, but this time through Jeremiah's eyes. It'll be fresh and new. It makes me mindful of how we should come to many of the elements of our faith. There is so much that seems to become commonplace to me. But it shouldn't. It should be fresh and new. Is this what Jesus means when He tells us that unless we become as children we won't see the kingdom of God? Could He possibly be telling us that the kingdom of God is visible here if we'll just look with the eyes of a child? Just as this movie is jumping off the screen into the imagination of my little boy, God wants His Word to jump of the pages into my mind. To see Christ with the same marvel, wonder, awe, and amazement as a child watching something larger than life should be our approach to our faith. I have been doubly blessed tonight. It's something Jeremiah and I will remember for a long time, and it's a time of God reminding me to watch Him with the eyes of a child. After all, when it comes to events that are larger than life, there's none larger than God!

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