Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Journey

Well, I think we're on the road to where we need to go. The Journey took a major step forward in the last 24 hours. God has hooked us up with an incredible sponsor church from Arlington, Mosaic. Nate blogged about our meeting with them yesterday. He captures the essence of what we discussed. But this is monumental for me. Having a group of Godly people say that they believe in what we're about, and that they want to help was a big confirmation for me as the Pastor. I trust these guys implicitly, and knowing that God is saying to them what He is saying to us is a great surge of confidence for me.
For those of you who don't know, The Journey is something that God has been birthing in me for a couple of years. In June of 2003, my Student Ministry staff and I began to pray that God would reveal a new paradigm for reaching students. We sensed in our hearts that relationship building was foundational to reaching students, but struggled with structuring a relational ministry inside the structure of an established church. For two years we met together weekly and prayed. In the spring of 2005, God began to shape our vision and hearts to an ancient work for our modern day. In May of that year, we left our ministry settings to pursue the vision God had been shaping in us. As we explored relational ministry and discipleship, we realized that we had been brought to the place of starting a new work in Lubbock, TX. So, beginning in August of 2005, we began The Journey, a small group of believers who are committed to building relationships that communicate God's love and acceptance. We have altered the pattern of our lives to build relationships with wanderers in hopes of pointing them to the narrow road. We are engaging our culture in spiritual conversations while loving on people. As we build relationships, we are looking and praying for partners to come along side us in prayer and financial support of this ancient work.
In my next post, I'll give you all the details about what we're doing, our relevant metaphors, and a way to plug into praying for this ancient work. More will be coming. Right now my wheels are turing and my head is spinning. There's a lot to get working on!

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stephen said...

It was great being with your team Jason. A blessing on both sides. Mosaic is excited to be on this journey of learning, transformation and renewal with you guys.

Don't forget that part of the fun is found in the work. Speed up to slow down. Rest to Run. Be still to move forward. It will be a long journey (nights when you wonder out loud "what is God doing?!") and a short one (as it seems to fly by). Stop and smell the roses so to speak, and take a few pictures of those roses as well.

The next few months will be some of the most stretching, most frustrating and most rewarding of your life. But God, your family and your close friends will be with you each step of the way. And because of them, you will make it!