Friday, October 07, 2005

The Journey

I've got two things to blog on tonight, but I'm going to do them in separate blogs so that...well, because I want to, and it's my blog!
Tonight, we had our weekly worship gathering of The Journey. There are normally six of us present in my home for a time of being together with Jesus. Katlyn was gone tonight, but it was fitting that she was gone. I'll explain that in a second.
For our worship gathering tonight, everyone was supposed to bring something to share about their walk, about Christ, or about the Christian life. It was a great evening! First, Caryn had prepared blueberry and banana-nut muffins, coffee, and hot tea as an act of Christian hospitality and fellowship. Elaine shared from Hebrews 11 about the walk of faith. The passage really spoke to where we are in our journey, and Elaine tied it all together as she shared about not knowing the future, but knowing we're following Christ. This kind of faith pleases God. Next, Nathan shared a song he wrote based on Isaiah 58. The resounding refrain saying that God is enough for us. Great song! Marcus shared about King Nebuchadnezzar, and how he was used by God to spread God's fame. He spoke of how we all can spread God's fame, or like Nebuchadnezzar (and King David), we can have our moments of slipping back into the flesh. The bottom line for a man or woman who is chasing God is getting back up when you fall. I closed us out with one of those "imprint toys" that have all the pins that shape to your hand or face, and leave an impression. I talked about Philippians 3: 12-17, and how we need to leave an impression for those who need to follow someone. "Follow me as I follow Christ!" And then there is Katlyn. As I mentioned before, she wasn't here. But she had a great offering tonight! She was unable to be with us because she has made a new friend and is pouring her life into this friend in a mentoring role. She was out making the impression that we were at home talking about. And that is as great an expression of worship as any other!
To all of you who have joined me in The Journey, thank you for sharing tonight. As always, you have been a source of great inspiration to me. Caryn's comment was, "Tonight was good." And she is surely right. Caryn, Marcus, Katlyn, Nathan, and Elaine: tonight was good. Thank you for giving and sharing. I look forward to what Christ is doing in our fellowship with eager anticipation.
Your humble servant,

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