Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Mystic Nation*

When I left to come to Arlington, it was pouring rain in Lubbock and cold. There was a great possiblity that Metroplex weather would be like that. I hate having to pack for a trip like that. I brought cold/rainy day clothes, mild/pleasant day clothes, and warm/muggy day clothes. I had to pack three times as many clothes for this trip, and then not wear 66% of what I brought! My suitcase is HUGE and I wore one piece of clothing out of it (besides undies and such....). This morning, as I was repacking my suitcase, I noticed a small piece of paper in one of my black steel-toed boots. My mood lightened immediately. My wife has been known to slip little notes of encouragement into my luggage as I am leaving town so that I can have pleasant little surprises while traveling. It's one of those things that I love about her. I reached into the leather upper of the work boot and grabbed the tan piece of folded paper. As I opened it, I realized it wasn't from her. It was a typed piece of paper that simply said, "Into The Mystic" at the top in a caligraphic-styled font done in black ink. Just under that it posed the question, "Are you ready?" It immediately sent my mind to racing. The only other person in the room was Jerry. Jerry is a good friend who was gracious enought to let me have a free place to sleep for the last 3 days. Did he know about the mystic nation? There's no way. So, I began mentally running through who could have put this cryptic message in my boot. My wife? Unlikely. Housekeeping? That would be wild. Who had access to my belongings? How could this happen? Had I really been physically contacted by a Mystic Warrior? Hmmm. But there was a greater question tugging at me: "Are you ready?" I stopped. Am I? And I guess that's what spurred my thoughts on the road of Christ and the cost of spiritual awakening that I posted below this. Am I ready? Am I ready? If I say, "Yes, I am ready!" what will it cost me? Do I need to know the cost to be ready? But, if I'm not ready, have I already paid an unbearable price? As you can read in the post below, I am ready. But I wanted to pass the note on to you:
Are you ready? If so, follow me as I follow Christ.


mystic farmer said...

Perhaps the mystic farmer has been tilling your soil.

The Bishop said...

Perhaps. Unless, that is, you are the mystic farmer. Then I would have to say stay out of my soil! That's personal space! No, really. God is tilling my soil. And He is driving me to the work of plowing (pflugen) in preparation for the harvest.
Your question is funny, though. Are you asking if you have been tilling my soil, or if God has?

mystic farmer said...

I speak in regaards to your boot note. You are not the only mysterious mystic, perhaps? Si, God is tilling your soil, are you ready for the subsoiler? It turnes over deep layers. Plfugennugen may not for the present seem joyous, but it has eternal reward.